About Us

Afronova is a 100% Black owned company. We are a community of Black-owned brands whose mission is to grow and thrive.

We provide a central online marketplace for Black-owned businesses, so they can grow their businesses. We support our vendors by providing development opportunities for beginner and intermediate Black business owners.

We are passionate about helping your artistry thrive. We have a network of sponsors and influencers to help drive your business. Our mission is to foster entrepreneurs, support Black geniuses and their dreams.

We provide a forum for customers and companies to connect in one easy place. By helping Black-owned businesses reach customers worldwide, we work to elevate these businesses to new heights. Join with us, and sign up for a free trial period today!

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Our Mission Statement

You can sum up Afronova in two words: Black Genius. We believe in supporting Black-owned businesses who have interest in expanding their reach—as one. Our mission for our vendors is to ensure that each of your contributions to this world are seen and acknowledged on the broadest platform imaginable. We provide all the tools that you will ever need to have lasting success in your endeavors as a Black entrepreneur.

Our mission for our customer is to be able to discover every Black owned item ever made – from nostalgic and classic brands to new and pioneering creations from all over the world. Find them all, right here. We plan to take the term “Black-owned” and elevate it to ‘Afronova’ as all contributions created by Black people and used today, still aren’t necessarily owned by their Black creators. Many of which aren’t even tangible – like popular phrases, workout routines and ways to make certain foods taste great.

Therefore, we invoke the importance of ownership by providing resources to better control our own intellectual properties. We further celebrate these great contributions with all forms of  Black geniuses world wide. There are so many colors used to paint the most realistic image of a Black entrepreneur, both today and from the past. By centralizing us all in one place, no matter who’s searching, they’ll now know where to find you long throughout time.

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Los Angeles

3680 Wilshire Blvd Ste P04 – 1457 Los Angeles CA 90010

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